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 Sub Forum - Make A Game

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PostSubject: Sub Forum - Make A Game   Mon May 11, 2009 1:29 pm

Sub Forum - Make A Game

Hi, I think there should be a sub forum where you can make a game and then let the people play it. Maybe it could be called "Games" or "Home Made Games" or something like that. I know alot of people would like to show off there games they made, they dont have to be java games it could just be a game like, I say a number then u times it by 3 and + 3 E.G i start with 5. Next person 5 x 3 = 15 + 3 = 18. Next person 18 x 3 = 52 + 3 = 55. Just simple games like that, there fun and it brings a bit of none Cadmium Isle competition into the forums Smile
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Sub Forum - Make A Game
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